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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 6, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is super tuesday, march 6, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. today is the day when republican voterses in ten states decide future of this cam paint bob schieffer is here and karen santorum defends her husband and herself in an interview you will not see anywhere else. i'm erica. the scandal that's rocking america's favorite sport. we'll talk with james brown and all-pro warren sapp about what's next as the controversy grows. plus in her own words the emotional story of one hero mother who saved her children from a deadly tornado. >> i grabbed them and i wasn't
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letting go. if they were going to fly, i was going to fly with them. and i'm gayle king. when i see you at 8:00, prince harry makes some waves during his latest caribbean stop. and action star jonah hill and funny guy channing tatum stop by. first we look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> who wants it the most? what do you say? >> you're going to do the right thing tomorrow. i need your vote. >> republican voters in ten states go to the polls on super tuesday. >> 419 delegates at stake. now that's a lot. >> it's been, i think, the worst campaign i've ever seen in my life. it literally beats the snot out of you. >> i don't even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing. >> both the prime minister and i
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prefer to resolve this diplomatically. >> we've waited for diplomacy to work, we've waited for sanctions to work. none of us can afford to wait much longer. >> israel warns time is running out to stop a nuclear iran. >> i will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation. more teams from fema scan out to survey all that damage. >> i'm thinking oh my the house is getting ready to go. that man was stuck on the roof for more than an hour. he accidentally nailed his happened to the wood and let me tell you the riis skew was not easy. hundreds of drivers with a dui on their records may get a do-over. prince harry has arrived in ja macay. you're doing your country proud. 100 years ago today the world was introduced to the oreo cookie. and all that matters.
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obviously they have to get another tour bus. aol is one of two companies to join the activists. i don't understand why this man has gone through four wives. on "cbs this morning." captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." they call this super tuesday because more republican delegates will be awarded today than in all the previous contests combined. >> ten states, more than 400 delegates up for grabs. national correspondent chip reid joins us. good morning. >> good morning, charlie and erica. the stakes are huchlkt if mitt romney wins across the ten states that would be a big step toward sealing the deal as the
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republican nominee. if he stumbles this race could go on for months. mitt romney spent month insisting he is the only candidate focusing on the issues that matter most to voters. >> i look at this campaign right now, and i see a lot of folks all talking about lots of thig things, but what we need to talk about to defeat barack obama is getting good jobs scaling back the size of government, and that's what i do. >> reporter: romney already has 187. there will 419 more. more than a third needed to win the nomination. the key battleground between mitt romney and rick santorum is ohio with 63 delegates. both candidates spent the final day campaigning there. romney was trailing in the polls there just days ago but after a recent surge it's now a virtual dead heat. santorum says for better or worse, ohio could be a turning point in his campaign. >> it's going be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: though he was leading national polls for february santorum is painting
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himself as the underdog, the little guy against the massive machines. >> give mitt romney credit for what he's been able to do amassing enormous amounts of money. >> reporter: meanwhile newt gingrich is hanging his hopes on georgia, his home state, which would be his first win in six weeks. earlier he said a loss here could be the end of his kpanl but right now he's confident that won't happen. right now they're confident they'll stay in the race all the way to the republican convention in august. charlie and erica? >> chip, thanks. with us, bob schieffer. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's go to ohio. if romney wins? >> if romney wins it does clarify things. but nobody's going to wrap up this republican nomination tonight. a lot of people thought this would be the night we would know who it's going to be.
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there's going to be multiple winners tonight. mitt romney looks good in oklahoma. if rick santorum wins ohio and newt gingrich wins georgia, and it looks like he's going to win in his home state, what if romney goes on to be the nominee and you look back and say, here's the republican nominee but he couldn't win his parties's endorsement in ohio or georgia which are two big battleground states i think that presents an interesting scenario. >> no presidential candidate has won without winning ohio. >> that's exactly right. romney is looking good but i'm told he's making a move in tennessee and also newt gingrich may make a bit of a move there. so it's not anything for certain there right now. >> bottom line nothing is going to be done as you mentioned for
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today. but there are things coming up that people are focusing on april, may, even june i think he has to win if he's going to be taken seriously. newt gingrich said the other day everybody's got to win their home state including me. i think if he doesn't win georgia, i think -- >> it's looking fairly good for him there. i want to ask you about this. you've been covering politics for a long time. barbara bush speaking out talking about the nastiness she's seen. take a listen. >> but it's been, think, the worst campaign i have ever seen in my life. i just hate it. i hate the fact that people think compromise is a dirty word. >> there are two interesting parts to that. one, it's the worst, and, two, compromise. do you agree with either one of those points. >> i think she's absolutely correct that compromise has become a dirty word.
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it has become a dirty word and that's why congress is totally stymied and can't get anything done. olympia snowe quits the congress and says i don't want to fool with it anymore. it's the mentality of my way or the highway. when she says the worst campaign, i don't think she means the worst things that have happened. there have been things that have happened in her own husband's campaign back when they accused michael dueh caucusqaa michael. i think this is candidates going out there and tearing down one another day after day after day. >> froebl the benprobably to the for barack obama. >> eric cantor endorsed him last
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night. what difference does that make at this stage in this race? >> you know i never thought that endorsements make all that much difference. i think it's a nice thing to do for a candidate. it's nice to put out a press release and all of that. i'm not sure that those kind of things make that much difference. but it is interesting. you are seeing some of these sort of namgs s names in the party now endorsing mitt romney. i think they're reading polls that say right now romney is probably the strongest candidate. but what's pretty interesting charlie, "the wall street journal" came out yesterday that shows he's not running that much better than barack obama than ron paul. he's about two points better than ron paul. so this race is still fluid. there is nothing yet been decided. and, you know we don't know and can't say with any confidence right now who the republican nominee is going to be and i'm not sure we'll be able to say that tomorrow. >> bob thanks. >> you bet. >> cbs news will have updates on
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the tuesday results throughout the evening. this morning rick santorum's wife is publicly defending the pennsylvania state senator. karen santorum is telling cbs correspondent jan crawford that they're putting light on her husband's relidgeous views. >> they corner him and make him look like he knows nothing else. my husband is so brilliant, national security economy. any aspect of this race any issue out there, he's brilliant, and i think that's unfortunate that they try to do that. >> do what? >> corner him and make him look like he doesn't know anything else. as a wife, mother and educated woman, it frus mates me. >> you can hear our first interview with karen coming up in the next hour. the demonstrators, including opposition liters were arrested
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in moscow last night. that rally drew an estimated 20,000 people. they are angry about putin's election claiming sunday's voting was rigged. more demonstrations are planned for this weekend. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu visits capitol hill after sitting down with president obama to talk about iran on monday. that discussion was critical to both leaders. >> reporter: the president and the prime minister talk at the white house yesterday. they agreed that iran must not be allowed to build a nuclear weapon. the president, however, wants time to let sanctions and diplomacy work and when the two leaders spoke to reporters on monday the prime minister never mentioneddy employee ma is. and last night in a speech to jewish supporters he signals impatience with the president's apparent solution. >> we've waited for diplomacy to work, we've waited for sanctions to work. up in of us can afford to wait
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much longer. i will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation. >> reporter: he said they have not yet made a decision to attack iran's nuclear facilityies facilities. but speak at aipac netanyahu says israel will go their own way if it is necessary. it was a far more combative tone than the prime minister struck earlier monday in his meeting with the president who tried to convince netanyahu not to attack iran. >> the prime minister and i prefer to resolve this diplomatically. we understand the costs of any military action. >> reporter: the president predicted there would be difficult months ahead. the israelis aren't saying whether he agreed to hold off on military action but he told mr.
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obama with iran there was little difference between u.s. and israel. >> to them you're the great satan and youwe're the little satan satan. i think on the last point they are right. you are us and we are you. we're together. >> reporter: the prime minister gave the president a gift a copy of the biblical book of esther which tells the persian ruler which is now iran who ordered the execution of all jews in his kingdom but the jews prevailed in battle. he said even back then they wanted to wipe us out. now, the president today has a news conference. he's going to announce a deal to compensate members of the armed services who were unlawly foreclosed on or denied lower interest rates and announce lower fees for faa finances. the news conference today has
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absolutely no political significance. charlie, erica? >> bill thank you very much. again, with us now republican mike rogers of michigan. he's chairman of the house intelligence committee. congressman, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> congressman, do you believe that the president has successfully gotten the prime minister to wait and let sanctions do what they can because there is increasing evidence that the iranian government is feeling the pressure of those sanctions. >> yeah. i really don't think so. i think there are two different red lines, one that president obama has set out and when the israelis believe they have to take action or they won't be able to take action against an iranian nuclear program. you have to remember charlie, all of the other things that are going on in israel right now to understand, i think, where they're at egypt now has become an unpredictable partner. they're very concerned. hamas is now well armed thanks
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to iran. more so than they've ever been before. hezbollah. they're hooking at all of this pressure and the fact that they believe that if iran goes knew nuclear, they believe ahmadinejad will use it against the israelis. >> is that what you think was accomplished in this meeting between the president and the prime minister, that the prime minister wanted to make the point that we have a different red line and we want you to know that if in fact that red line is passed we will act and we'll act independently and we'll not necessarily notify you and we'll not even concur with you before we do because it's our responsibility to our history. >> i think that's right. and that was really the same message. i happened to be in israel about two weeks ago, met with the prime minister the people who influenced that decision.
7:16 am
they are very clear about the fact that they have to defend themselves. they're a little frustrated with the united states not sure where they're going to be on this particular issue, and i think what you saw yesterday was to try to re-establish that. listen we're going to redefend ourselves, we're in a place where we believe our time is running out when it comes to our ability to impact the iranian nuclear program. of course, the iaea's inspector being thrown out recently their argument is yes, sanctions are hard and they're having a bite but they're determined. >> the president is also making this point that syria, iran's ally is explodes as well and something may be happening there and there is no time to get distracted that syria, an ally of iran, is in trouble. >> that's true but they will argue and israeli, be more
7:17 am
aggressive with syria. i'm not talking about direct military action. there are other things we can do to bring it to a close quick. that is a wound to iran but their argument is remember if the consequences of iran going nuclear are so much bigger saudi arabia says they'll get a nuclear weapon and egypt. they believe that is really a threat to their existence. >> let me interrupt you because there is this report that iran will grant u.n. inspectors access to a military complex where the agents suspect secret atomic work has been carried out. doesn't that suggest that the sanctions are working and that perhaps they should go -- they should be allowed to seek its place? >> listen. i believe in sanctions. we have two schools of thought, where the iranians are coming from, the israelis -- three --
7:18 am
and the sanctions. i guess there are things we can do. draw it up and put as much pressure as we can. remember, they denied that very site just a few weeks ago. we know there's activity. now they say you can come back with certain conditions. they don't want you to see everything. as an old fbi agent we used to call that a clue. something bad's going on. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, charlie. time to show you things going on around the globe. patients who can't find a pry nair care doctor now two major hospitals are telling primary care doctors they will earn more money if they agree to accept more patients. >> this from "the new york times," dentists seeing more preschoolers with more cavities some more than a dozen. some needing hospital care to have the anesthesia to do all this extensive dental work. "the wall street journal"
7:19 am
posts more jurors are commenting online during their trials. the attorneys are using these online comments to win new trials for their clients. in san francisco, up to a thousand drunk driving convictions could be thrown out. police may have handled devices incorrectly. they call it negligent. you may thing about this. a string of accidents along a stretch of road in columbus ohio, one after another, trucks and cars losing control as they hit a patch of black ice. it happened yesterday. we're happy to report no injuries were reported.
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by fe breeze. breathe happy. pro football players paid extra for knocking others out of
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the game. the nfl says someone will pay dearly for that. we'll talk with james brown and all-pro warren sapp. it's tough to survive a tornado in this house. one woman did. in her own words a mother will tell us how she sacrificed her own safety to save her own children. >> i learned that i can makef i can make it through that, i can make it through anything. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by minute maid pure squeezed. 100% pure squeezed, never from concentrate. i'd like to tell you about netflix. it's an amazing service that lets you watch unlimited movies and tv
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royal caribbean tour this morning. >> he got a big welcome in the bahamas celebrating the it's a beautiful tuesday morning. good morning. it is 7:26. weather and traffic together. >> hi, good morning everyone. two new problems on 95. both could slow you down. one northbound at 175. an accident with a fuel leak. that is blocking at least one of the lanes on the ramp there. also an accident on 95 southbound. that one at 5th avenue blocking two left lance. three vehicles involved. and the crash route 32 is blocked. take deer park instead. speeds still slow on the bellway top and west side. we can say the same for 95. speeds in the teens there. there's a look at that time beltway on the west side. this traffic report brought to you by bill's carpet.
7:27 am
bill's has got it all for you. back to you. >> thank you. now over to marty. >> and take a look at that time forecast today. it's going to be a seasonal nice afternoon. 48 mostly sunny. the normal is 50. with thoracic outlet wind. take eightway. >> thank you. a 13-year-old is found dead in east baltimore. her body covered with piles of trash. and now police say it was a tragic accident. two boys are behind bars. >> reporter: good morning everyone. those two boys ages 12 and 13 both face charges of involuntary manslaughter, but the family still has questions. she left her home to go roller skating, but she never came home. police say she was found shot to death burr rid underneath the pile of trash. she and her friends were inside the home playing with a rifle when it went off. she was shot in the chest. police say the two boys dragged her body into the alley. but her family says she was
7:28 am
terrified of guns. police are still investigating who owns the gun and how the kids got ahold of it. they are charged as juveniles. back to you. thank you. and also, police are investigating a homicide. it happened last night in the 3500 block of west mulberry street. one man was killed. the names of the men have not been released. the right to bear arms is causing controversy here in maryland. the hand gun permit law was determined unconstitutional yesterday. it forces potential gun owners to prove they have a good or substantial reason to carry a gun. six people are without a home after a two-alarm home tears through two town homes. the fire broke out around 3:30 this morning at cutler harbor. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. no word on what caused the fire. be sure to stay with wjz.
7:29 am
up next, a look at nfl allegation that say players were played to injure opponents.
7:30 am
you're supposed to be paying somebody to have sex. ice not a right under the constitution to have sex. >> i want to i should get $3,000 to have sex. the government should be paying that for me. whatever. >> look. hey. i didn't think priests were allowed to be mean girls. nothing like going into confession with this guy. forgive me father, i have sinned whatever. >> whatever. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> it is going to warm up today in the ohio valley after monday's snowstorm, which is a
7:31 am
bit of good news for victims of the tornadoes. they, of course, killed 40 people across five states and over the past few days we have heard so much about the loss, but there are also moving stories of survival. stephanie decker of henryville indiana, rushed home with her two children before the tornado hit on friday afternoon. as you can see here the house was no match for the storm. stephanie was inside the home lying on top of her children. while she lost parts of both of her legs everyone managed to make it out alive. >> i kind of looked outside to see, and i -- it was funny, i had a h iz ninky feeling that this was going to be a strong storm. >> i kept going back to the radar and looking at it at my desk, and i sent her a text message and i'm like it's heading straight at you. she sent me a text message back.
7:32 am
that's when she said the whole house is shaking. >> everybody was screaming and crying. i was thinking oh my the house is getting ready to go. we're not going to be able to survive this. i was just trying to protect my kids and i grabbed them and i was. letting go. if they were going to fly, i was going to fly with them. it happened so quickly, the tornado. but the rest of it seemed like it felt like an eternity. >> there's not one place you can look and go if they were sitting right there, they'd be okay. i yelled for reese. i said, reese, are you okay. she said yes, mommy. and then i yelled for dominic. said, are you okay. and i didn't hear anything. i said, dominic, are you okay. and i still didn't hear anything. and i -- of course that's when you get that sick feeling in your stomach. and i thought, oh, god, please, no. and i said domenic, i'm going to bust your butt if you don't answer me and he goes yes
7:33 am
mommy, i'm here. >> she just reacted how she's going to react. i mean she would literally do anything for the kids and she's always been that way. >> i was yelling for help. nobody could hear me because i had punctured lungs. i couldn't catch my breath to yell. i was screaming but it was killing me. i finally heard voices. and i said oh my goodness. >> when i got to the hospital, i rupp in of course, and where's stephanie decker, i'm looking for stephanie decker. the doctors are working on her. said i wa. to see her. they said, okay, here's the situation. her one leg is gone. >> can you reattach it? if you can reattach it please, reattach it. i'll give anything to have my leg on. >> i was wondering how we're going to make it, how she's going to make it. she's such an active person. she's obviously beautiful and i
7:34 am
knew this would bother her. i mean i was the one who said, get the kids, go to the house. you know -- if they'd have died -- >> i've learned that, you know, i can make it through that. can make it through anything, and i'm going to make it through this and i'm going to walk again and nobody's going to tell me different. it will happen. >> nothing is more powerful than ordinary people regular people reacting to extraordinary circumstances and showing extraordinary bravery. >> the strength there is -- it almost defyies words. it's a wonderful story. nice to have some positive news coming out of all this. the nfl is cracking down over its embarrassing bounty scandal. james brown has an update for us
7:35 am
on a possible punishment. we're asking warren sapp if he's ever seen may-offs for knocking others out of the game. you're watching "cbs this morning."
7:36 am
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v9ç..../v)-mm]mmmmmmmmmmmmmlmll÷mmlmlllmt not too shabby. it's going to be rory mcilroy. >> indeed in every way. >> i think so. moving to other sports news the nfl is decides just whose heads will roll in the scandal of the players getting paid to injure other players. a coach who admits to running a boumty scheme met with legal officials on monday. >> he could face a long suspension and the new orleans
7:40 am
saints could be punished too. good morning. >> you know that league officials are pretty upset about this. in fact they actually blew the whistle on one of their own teams. it could affect the future of not only the saints but the game itself. in january 2010 on their way to a super bowl victory, they were not only focused winning football games but injured opponents, specifically brett favre and curt warner. now they're investigating defensive coordinator gregg williams who admitted to paying for bounties over the past seasons and they're facing penalties and fines shoo. >> i think it's very likely we'll not only see a suspension of gregg williams but suspensions and fives to saints players. >> reporter: in conjunction with
7:41 am
the players union and others roger goodell has made player safety a paramount issue. >> really flies in the face of what the nfl has tried to do in the last couple of years, putting safety at the forefrond. >> reporter: they found that over two dozen players participated on the bounty. they were rewarded with cash for hard hits. $1,000 if an opponent was carted off the field and $1,500 for knockouts. investigators are look beyond the saints at every team he ever coached for including the titans, redskins jaguars, and bills. >> the saints in this case are exhibit a, and if the league takes a firm stance here and is punitive enough, it will send a message to other teams to knock this off. >> and charlie, as erica mentioned already, gregg williams did meet with nfl investigators yesterday about the bounty program, and at least this far into the league's investigation, they've concluded that the saints' general manager
7:42 am
mickey mickey loomis and sean payton did nothing. >> all-prodefensive tackle warren sapp, he's an nfl analyst, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> is there anything that surprises you about this story? >> first of all, that they were doing this, asked to stop and they continued to do so. because the first thing that comes to my mind we play a kid's game and we auld could get it, get in injured playing on football field. why would you send that kind of vibe to your defense, special team, knows it could come back at any moment and knowing if they find out about it it ooh going to be harsh penalties. that's the thing for me. >> beyond the cash payment, that kind of bounty, is it generally the intent of defensive linemen, for example, to take out the other team's quarterback, especially if he's having you
7:43 am
know, a very effective game? >> no that's never the intent of a football player to go out and -- our whole intent for an opposing quarterback is to disrupt his timing, make him have a bad day. if he's having a great day, there's smog we're not doing right. there's no reason to go out and go after this man. he's a father, a husband. there's so many other things that go into this other than a football game. >> tony dungy, who you know used to be peyton manning's coach believes that manning's had a bounty on him and that led to his neck injuries. that's what tony says. >> he's one of the best coaches that's been around one of first guys that had ever taught me the value of teammates and everything and if he says he thinks so, i'll go along with him, but for so long in this game i always thought we took care of each other. >> it's interesting. we have mixed reaction. we have brett faev saying it's
7:44 am
football, i don't think it's a big deal. why is this coming out now, j.b.? >> it's interesting because the league did blow the whistle on one of their own. warren has played the game, he's in the fraternity, but he knows as well as i do players, it's like an office pool. they'll put players into a pool and set up a player to make a big play but not to injure. as warren has said before the guys will play within the confines of the rules. hit hard painful, but not to injure, maim or to end somebody's career. >> the reason this seems incredible to me is if one team does it to another, that team is simply going to reciprocate, so it's not in your interest to do it. >> go ahead, warren. >> that's my whole thing. why would you send out this vibe because we don't keep many secrets in the nfl. if you're knocking a dude out and you're getting paid that's going to get around. and once that comes out, they're going to start coming after your
7:45 am
guys. >> so, warren what do you -- >> erica, let me say this as well. warren knows this all too well. today's football is different than back in the day where guys were with teams throughout their career. so they genuinely almost hated the opposition. but in today's football where there's so much player movement these guys fra ternize together they go out, many are represented by the same agents. they're not looking to hurt somebody to end their career but they're looking to play hard. >> what do you think is going to happen? do you think this is going to end somebody's career? >> there will be some stiff penalties, hard penalties, and if anybody in their wildest dreams ever think about it again, they'll probably be back banned from the league. >> that's the question. what will the punishment be? >> it will be tough. make no bones about it player safety is of paramount
7:46 am
importance as we sayid before and they will not stop. he's dead set on making sure that happens. >> james brown warren sapp good to have you both with us. thank you. rick santorum is getting a raw deal from the press and the public according to his wife. karen santorum said he changed her life at a time when he really needed to change. >> it was a phase when i was young and made some stupid
7:47 am
decisions, and i did some stupid things and i did go through a phase of life where i wasn't living the way i should have been. >> you'll hear more from her first ever tv network interview. stay with us. this is "cbs this morning." losing weight clicked for me when i found a plan that was as active and on the go as i was. weight watchers online is absolutely that tool. it was never further away than my pocket. my sidekick! the weight tracker really let me see that my real problem area was when i was traveling. it allowed me to kind of tailor my plan to my lifestyle. i lost 29 pounds with weight watchers online. i am like me times five. i'm like cara intensified. [ female announcer ] join for free today. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks. [ coughs ] what is this shorty? uh, tissues sir, i'm sick. you don't cough you don't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls.
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7:51 am
36 years ago today for the first time the famous film was shown on television. 11 years after abraham captured president kennedy's assassination on camera. the government paid $60 million for our fullyilm. gayle king has what's coming up in the next hour. gayle? >> i do indeed. thank you, charlie. what's rick santorum really like? the person who knows him best sits down with jan crawford. his wife karen santorum talks about him. >> when you think channing tatum, you think action and romance, but they're reversing their roles in 21 jump street. how did it turn out? we'll tell you all about that because they're both going to be here ja and you'll never believe what led to a woman's arrest on an airplane. let's say it involved blue nail polish and gold nail polish. not a good look.
7:52 am
we'll make that story short when we return. you're watching "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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7:56 am
good morning. nice sunshine out there. let's go ahead and take a look at that time forecast, seasonal, but a nice seasonal day. mostly sunny. the high of 48. not a lot of wind out in the sun this afternoon. should be pleasant for early march. and now traffic control. good morning everyone. a busy morning commute with a bunch of new accidents just coming in. one on the harrisburg expressway. in the southbound lanes with a delay. and another one at miller road. delays, a live look outside, that is the harrisburg expressway, about a 20 minute set back in the day. maryland's school of education, represents a new direction in education forward. we do more than prepare futures
7:57 am
we shape educators. back to you. >> thank you. two boys are now charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl found dumped in an alley. >> reporter: good morning. those boys ages 12 and 13 face involuntary manslaughter charges, but family still has questions. she went to roller skate saturday nigh, but she never came home. police say she was found shot to death in a alley burr rid underneath a pile of trash. detectives say they were inside a home playing with a rifle when it went off. she was shot in the chest and police say the two boys dragged her body into the alley to hide it. her family says she was terrified of guns. police are investigating who owned it. and how the kids got ahold of it. both boys are charge as juveniles and the owner could face charges. back to you.
7:58 am
>> all right. thank you. stay with wjz maryland's news station. and rick santorum's wife come for a smoke? yeah. no. you quit? i'm trying nicoderm cq. [ male announcer ] nicoderm cq
7:59 am
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8:00 am
so who's on the kiss cam at the staples arena in l.a.? is that tom hanks and rita wilson? yes. they were watching the hockey game over the weekend. it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gail i'm gayle king. welcome to "cbs this morning." they look like they liked being on the kiss cam, particularly rita. nicely done. i'm charlie rose. we'll have a revealing look at republican candidate rick santorum through the eyes of his wife karen. political correspondent jan crawford is in ohio with a story that you'll only see on "cbs this morning." jan, good morning.
8:01 am
>> reporter: well, good morning. karen santorum is very much her husband's partner and equal. she's a lawyer and a nurse and she told me how they talk about policy and strategy and she tells him when he slips up. but she is saying behind the scenes. she rarely talks to the network media. she was warm genuine, and she talked openly about their life their marriage, and the challenges they've endured. >> when you walk through the door, he is not a senator, he's not a guy running for president. he's a husband and a father and he immediately shifts gears. he's in the kitchen make gragt meal. >> what's his speshcialty? >> oh, my gosh. chicken marsala, pasta air bee a ta pancakes for the kids. >> a month ago they didn't know who we are, but they do now. >> reporter: did you ever think i could be first lady? >> no and i still don't even go
8:02 am
there. i just take one day at a tame and work hard and pray hard and we'll see where this is going. >> reporter: they've come a long way since they met by chance 24 years ago in pittsburgh when then karen garver was offered a job where rick santorum worked. he was with a group of lawyers who took her to a recruiting dinner. >> it was honestly a love at first sight kind of thing. >> reporter: really? >> oh absolutely. >> reporter: what was it? >> he was so funny. he was just very kind and friendly, and i went home that night and wrote in my diary, i met the guy i'm going to marry. >> reporter: did you take the job offer? >> yes, didi did. it was because of him. >> reporter: they married in 1990, the year rick santorum was first elected to congress. less than two years later, elizabeth, their first of eight children was born. the santorums are devout catholics. rick santorum's strongly conservative views on social
8:03 am
issue, it's led critics to question his views on women. >> number one, he's been surrounded by strong women his whole life. he continues to be surrounded by strong women in his daily life, and some of the best offers he has ever had from press secretaries, scheduler, you know the issues have all been women. he completely supports well ed educated career women. if i wanted to be a lawyer he would have been 100% behind me. >> 100%. >> absolutely. if i said i want to go out and work full time he would have been 100% behind me. >> reporter: karen santorum's frustrations are clear. they've been mocked by how they grieved the loss of their son gabrielle 16 years ago. born prematurely he died shortly after he was born. >> we brought gabrielle home from the hospital to have a
8:04 am
funeral mass and bury him, so they twist it and make it sound like it was some crazy thing. we brought him home from the hospital to introduce him for our kids. it was for the funeral mass and the burial. what is so sad for me jan, is no one can tell me how to grieve apd e-mail not going to tell anyone else how to grieve. >> reporter: even karen santorum's life 30 years ago has been under a microscope. that she lived with a mission doctor 40 years her senior who practiced abortion i did some stupid things and i did go through a phase of life where i was. living the way i should have been and for anyone out there who's listening who's in the same phase you know, there feelings there is change. >> reporter: santorum said that change made her realize what was important to her. >> i just felt very strongly about faith and family and i
8:05 am
also feel very strongly about life, life issues. and now we have a special needs little girl. i feel especially stronger about, you know the dignity and value of every person from the moment of con semgs until death. >> reporter: their daughter bella was born with a rare genetic disorder. along with the death of her son, karen santorum said learning her diagnosis was a difficult time in her life. >> it was always one of us was at the hospital, one of us was at home with the kids and then we would switch. and i -- i just -- he was amazing, bringing me coffee bringing me breakfast, you know helping with the kids and helping out at home. >> reporter: the demands of their family life and children was one reason karen santorum inish will didn't want her husband to run for president. the other was the loss of privacy. >> i wouldn't even talk about it for a while. so eventually rick said i'm
8:06 am
just going to ask you to just pray about it so i decided to pray about it. it took us a year to pray about the decision. we talked a lot about it. we prayed a lot about it. and in the end, despite my resistance, i honestly believe that this is the path god wants us on. >> reporter: now karen santorum told me she believes her husband also brings one quality the other candidates lack and that's courage, that he will fight for what he believes in. he fought for their family. voters tell us that's one thing they like about santorum. he mean as what he says. he's real. and in that sense, he and his wife are very much alike. >> so, jan, obviously the campaign is putting her out there to talk a little more, but how involved is she on a day day-to-day basis on the campaign trail? >> reporter: we don't see her nearly as much as the other wives. she stays behind the scenes.
8:07 am
she says they talk on the phone. she tells him when she thinks he goes too far, the other day when he called president obama a snob. she had something to say about that. she is behind the scenes at some of these rallies. she says obviously the demands of their life and their children makes them different than the other candidates whose children are grown or in the case of newt gingrich and his wife, they do not have children. >> thank you. >> i'm thinking karen santorum needs to do more interviews, get out there front and center. you come across really liking he. you get an insight into her and him. >> it helps to understand him better because of the way she talks about not only him but their own lifestyle. >> that's right. >> it is interesting, as you both point out that this is really one of the first times we've really heard from her. especially when things were tough earlier in the campaign we didn't hear more. >> i'm glad she came to us.
8:08 am
say what you want looks like a sunny nice day in progress. it's only about 31, 32 degrees. , you know, i think we have been spoiled and we are getting ready to get spoiled again. 48 is the high. 29 the low. where's the spoilage? look at this, 63 tomorrow. how about 70 degrees on thursday? even friday for a cold front, that's 60 could be warmer. the weekend, clear, calm, temperatures above normal. prince harry moves on to jamaica this morning. some important people there may not be so happy to see him. what are their names? we'll show you why. and there's more room for your carery-on bags? we need to know the details of that. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:09 am
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you may have chronic migraine. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life.
8:12 am
as we looked around the web we found a few reasons to make
8:13 am
news short. a woman tells a tv station that a flight attendant started screaming at her and she wouldn't stop. she apparently screamed back. never good. after she got off the plane in houston she was cuffed and held for ten hours. there's better news. overhead bins are getting bigger. that ire designing more room for bags and united and delta are rushing the bigger bin into service. the mayo clinic has come up with the office of the future. they say it's actually more like a gym with a desk that doubles as a treadmill and a meeting room with a walking track in it. i'm going to pass. and look at this from britain's daily telegraph. the paper's digital editor was checking the laundry tag on her boyfriend's new pants. it says machine wash warm tumble dry, or give it to your woman. it's her job.
8:14 am
unfortunately she didn't tell us who made those pants. according to e online the family are not happy. tracey gold said i'm a strong supporter, equal rights for all, no hate love. allan thicke also speaking out on twitter. he said he addressed them as soon as he recovered from rush limbaugh. he had a few more things. >> we're going to say, you're going to have to follow up on that one. and the "l.a. times" says a michigan man is suing over the price of movie theater popcorn, candy, and drinks. he calls it price gouging. he used to bring his own but the local theaters won't allow him. i think josh is onto something. last time e went i bought a large popcorn and raisinets. >> and i'm a twizzlers girl.
8:15 am
>> and you have to have an orange drink. it was over $25. i thought it was redon cue lus. >> my mom used to take us to the penny candy store and we'd hide things in our bag. sometimes i do that with my kids. prince harry gets a welcome in the bahamas. we'll find out what the prince had to say to one young admirer er in particular. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by splenda essentials. get more out of what you put in. like splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ are the first and only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. mmm. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling.
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8:17 am
8:18 am
than pro bowler pete who won and rubbed their noses in it. >> and he got it.
8:19 am
are you kidding me? that's right. who do you think you are? i am. >> who do you thifrmg you are? i am. who's your daddy. that's why. don't mess with texas jacobs' chinatown. >> for a second i thought that was charlie rose. >> charlie rose on the set. very nicely done. nicely done. that's a joke. it's a joke. it's an important day for prince harry on his diamond jubilee tour in the caribbean. i couldn't help it. >> it followed a very busy weekend in the bahamas, he is now in jamaican. so far all these former british colonies are welcoming the prince with open arms. >> reporter: with all the pomp and pageantry fit for a prince and aided by a good amount of papier-mache, his royal highness
8:20 am
was celebrated in the bahamas. an estimated 12,000 students packed the newest stadium on monday for a youth rally. it was a chance for the nation's brightest to shine, and a lucky few to share the stage. >> i am proud to be the bahamas primary school student of the year. >> reporter: a remarkable achievement for any 12-year-old, but particularly for anna allbury who's blind. after the crowd cleared, she took us on stage. >> when you were reading this anna, were you thinking the prince sitting right behind you? >> yes. >> reporter: blind at birth, unable to even see shapes, she said if the had a choice she'd stay blind because she likes the young woman she's become. >> sometimes i forget you know that i'm blind, but i'm like you know what? i can do anything. >> reporter: with anna at his side, the prince of wales evoked
8:21 am
the image of his mother, princess diana, whou always tried to give a voice to the disadvantaged. the 27-year-old prince laid a wreath on monday in memory of flalen members of the bahamas's defense forces. >> in the past the ba ham yaps have fought and tragically laid down their lives for their country and their cause of freedom. >> reporter: and with the bahamian flag tucked in his smart summer suit he seemed to shed his party boy image for that upstatesman. but even on this diplomatic mission, there's one title this prince can't quite shake, that of heartthrob. >> you're doing your country proud and you look smart. >> i was dying to meet the prince for a long time and i finally got to meet him. >> reporter: did you tell your friends at school about the prince? >> i did. the 10th 11th 12th graders,
8:22 am
they were like oh, my gosh. >> reporter: when he arrived last weekend he was greeted as hid grandmother queen elizabeth ii was back in 1983. look at their different styles. while the queen seemed to walk past the troops harry lingered and stopped to chat. we saw that softer side of the monarchy and so did anna albury. >> that was funny. after the speech he came to me and said how was that. i said that was good. >> reporter: he asked you? >> i'm dead serious. he actually asked me how he did. >> reporter: the prince was lacking for your seal of approval. >> i think so. i was like that was good. >> how sweet. >> i know. just when you think you can't like harry any more he was so tender with her but didn't we like little anna? >> she's great. >> i don't think it's ever bad to be a heartthrob. >> he makes the girls giggle at every age, right, gayle?
8:23 am
>> that's what i receive from people. i wouldn't know. they may be hollywood's new odd couple but
8:24 am
8:25 am
nice and sunny tuesday morning. 8:25 out there. weather can traffic together. and go ahead and take a look at forecast. mostly sunny, 48 degrees the high. it's going to be a seasonally pleasant afternoon. now here is traffic control. good morning everyone. a new accident, the latest on the east side of the beltway, on the key bridge, on the inner loop, causing a jam there. the accident is blocking one lane. and also the accident on the harrisburg expressway still there. southbound lanes at midtown road on the right shoulder and. once you get beyond the beltway down to about 28th street. 97 northbound, there's a new
8:26 am
accident there. and there was a live look outside at 95 south of the beltway, typical delays. there's a look at 83 at york road and delays cleared out nicely. this traffic report brought to you by the the firm. two young boys have been charged in connection with the death of a 13-year-old girl. >> reporter: good morning. those boys ages 12 and 13 face involuntary manslaughter charges, but the victim's family has questioned. she went to roller skate saturday night with friends, but she never came home. police say she was found shot to death in a alley buried underneath a pile of trash. detectives say she and her friends were inside a home playing with a rifle when it went off. she was shot in the chest and police say the two boys dragged the body into the alley to hide it. but her family says she was terrified of guns and can't
8:27 am
imagine what she was doing around one. police are still investigating who owned it and how the kids got ahold of it. both boys are charged as juveniles and the gun owner could also face charges. back tow. and also from baltimore, family and friends are remembering a young girl allegedly beaten to death by her own father. the funeral will be held today. police say her father a 22-year- old killed his daughter in a fit of rage after she had a bathroom accident. a teenager will plead guilty to helping raise money to rage a holy war in europe. he was arrested this summer when he was 17 years old. he had previously pleaded not guilty, but court papers indicate that he does plan to change the plea. a maryland man is caught red handed at a new york airport trying to get through security with banned items. they found a folding knife, baton and handcuffs. port authority police took the
8:28 am
items and arrested the man on state charges. [ female announcer ] off limits? not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, you can have brownies again. ♪ ♪ fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber
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today from "csi miami put on your wrecking ball bruce springsteen's fans. it's your hold today. why? his new album "wrecking ball" is out. now you can listen to all of it. listen. i'm just saying two hours -- no, three days and 12 hours until
8:31 am
bruce springsteen takes the stage at the apollo theater. >> you'll be there. >> i'm counting on it. i'm going to get myself a new pair of jeans. welcome back to "cbs this morning." you may not know the name jack dorsey, but i bet you you know his company. it's called twitter, and in his spare time he runs another tech company that handles $4 billion a year in credit card transactions. >> i heard you mention my name, miss king. >> oh, charlie. >> i should mention i do bowl. i do bowl. i also know the golden rule which says those that do don't do and those that dotalk don't do. >> do you walk around and say who's your daddy in. >> no, never. >> who's your daddy, charlie rose. >> i can't imagine saying that. i would never like that. >> you know what i like about this show? there's never an uncomfortable moment. >> never, ever. >> all right. you were saying? >> jack dorsey is coming up.
8:32 am
our business correspondent rebecca jarvis met jack dorsey at the headquarters for your a tour you'll only see right here on "cbs this morning." >> we've done a really really good job at finding the breast and brightest and constantly raising the bar and brigging people to work on something that, you know we all think is going to change the world. >> reporter: if anybody knows about changing the worlding it's jack dorsey. as twitter co-founder, he helped change the way we communicate in 140 characters or less. now dorsey is trying to change the way we pay for things. >> we remove all the fees, we remove all the restrictions and weird mechanics that have to go through. we make it from a light tote to a full service. >> his company lets people pay credit card payments with their iphone, ipad or android. it would make readers like this obsolete. at her clothing boutique in new
8:33 am
york city, lois eastlund sells between 30 and 40 dresses a month. 95% of her customers pay with credit. >> i would totally lose business if i was a cash-only business. i was having such a hard time with the banks and merchant account. it seemed there were endless fees for no reason. >> reporter: credit cards typically charge businesses between 2.5% and 5% plus added fees for equipment and usage. square charges a flat 2.75%, and the equipment is free. >> all the customers that came in thought, ooh, what's this? this is cool. >> reporter: plus it saves her a cool $200 a month in credit card fees. >> the transactions are easier they're faster and the money goes into my account faster so i have quicker access to my business cash. >> reporter: users also have access to valuable information about their customers something dorsey is passionate about. >> a lot of what we're doing this year is making sure the small businesses have the data
8:34 am
they need to grow, so we can say, you know you sold this number of cappuccinos today, this percentage of people also bought biscotti. this is what happens on a rainy day, this is your busiest hour, and then they can make decisions based on all that. >> reporter: that upside works everywhere from the coffee house to the white house. president obama and gop hopeful mitt romney have adopted square on the campaign trail. ll ultimately the candidates who are able to use something like square make more money, raise more money because they're using square? >> i believe so. i believe so. i thenk it's really going to change the game in terms of how you raise campaigns. people are carrying credit cards, not cash. they're not carrying their checkbooks but they want to donate to the campaigns. >> reporter: but dorsey is more focused people than politics. >> and a lot of people want to start their own business, so i would love square to be the reason to finally take the jump.
8:35 am
>> reporter: he's taken the jump twice and still works every day at both square and twitter. >> how do you split your time between the two? >> i have eight hours at one company, eight hours at the other company. >> reporter: 16-hour days. >> yep. i'm very, very disciplined about my time and every single one of my days has a theme associated with it. >> reporter: what's today's theme? >> today's theme is product and interviews. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis joins us. this is a very interesting young man. >> a very interesting young man. he clearly has a lot of experience under hiss belt at a very young age. he's now founded two companies. what's interesting, i said what's next for you? are you thinking about founding another company and his real objective at this point is to build off what twitter is doing and also to build off of what square is doing. >> so eight hours a day on twitter and eight hours a day on square, he has eight more hours to give to another company. >> exactly. >> as if he's not working hard enough. >> he's very melo, very nice and clearly very smart. and last time i checked, i
8:36 am
thought he was single too. i had a couple people who would ask me about jack dorsey. what would you tell me? >> i believe you're correct on that, gayle. we did not talk perj stuff but he said he tries to set aside a little time every week for fun also. you can see more of rebecca's interview of jack dorsey on our website including his thoughts ss on going public and advice to other entrepreneurs, but not much about daty. >> this may be comedy's new dynamic duo. jonah hill good morning. going for a high of 48 degrees today. mostly sunny afternoon. on the, clear sky, temperatures again in the mid- to upper 20s. tomorrow, up to 63 degrees. and that's just the start. 70 on thursday.
8:37 am
and low 60s friday. friday is a cold front moving through. takes us back the the low to mid-50s. but sunny, calm and early march, that is a win.
8:38 am
[ male announcer ] for the saver and a big first step. for the spender who needs a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there. ♪ ♪ rights? >> that you have the right to
8:39 am
remain silent and i think it's on something like -- well, see -- yeah, oh, right. you have the right to remain an attorney. >> did you say that you have the right to be an attorney? >> you do have the right to be an attorney if you want to. >> we're reviving a canceled undercover police program from the '80s revamping it for modern times. one of these programs involve the use of young immature-seeming officers. i think you idiots are perfect. you're officially transferred. >> where should we report? >> "21 jump street." >> "21 jump street" was a groundbreaking -- who writes this stuff. it was a groundbreaking police drama in the 1980s and now jonah hill and channing tatum have brought it to the big screen as an action comedy. that explains it. >> it certainly does. they play undercover high school students to bust up a drug ring. we're proud because they're or first repeat guests.
8:40 am
>> indeed. back together again. >> i look on the wall. there's lots of people up there i saw chad, my friend channing tatum up there. i didn't catch a photo of myself on the wall it's being blown up. somebody is working on it right now. >> this is what happens when you get an academy award nomination. >> oh, no. >> i know. >> your feelings get hurt. >> your head gets big and your feelings get hurt. really very open. >> you're going to make this movie. you call him up and say i need a comedic partner. >> this is what happens. i'm one of the writers who writes this grabwrite s this crap. >> he didn't say crap. >> he side why don't you turn "21 jump street" into a comedy. i said i don't want to be -- sounds like an awful idea.
8:41 am
i don't want to turn tv stories into a film. it's unoriginal and lazy and we make that joke right away in the film. then i thought what if you gomt to relive the most important part of your youth, got to go back and thing you have all of the answers in your 20s and you have none of the answers and reverting back to the insecurities you had when your were 17 when you're in your mid-20s. i thought that's a cool idea. i wanted to be the bad boys meet a john hughes movie and in order to have action credibility i needed someone from the action world and i thought the best actor in the action world right now is channing tatum. >> i think you chose wisely. >> i called him up. >> you don't think comedy for channing tatum. >> i really was wondering if he had the wrong number and essentially i made him promise he would make me funny. >> or he'd hurt me. he can do that. >> the jury's still out on that. the movie's not out yet.
8:42 am
but, no, man. i've watched him forever and i think he's one of the most talented kids i've ever seen. >> you sound just like brad pitt. that's exactly what he said. >> really? i watched all his interviews. >> now i can get up on the wall. but who's counting. >> when you come becomeack, we'll have you on the wall. does it work is the question. does it work? >> gayle saw it. >> yes. >> i spent five years of my life on this movie. >> and gayle has time to watch a movie. >> one of you guys actually took the time to go see the movie. i'm not going to go point fingers as whether it was charlie or gayle. but it was actually gayle who took time out to watch it. >> five years. >> 23 to 28. >> reaching out to a huge star like him to make a difference. you could think somebody could take an hour and a half and
8:43 am
watch your work. >> it's almost as if you don't care at all. >> it means everything to me. >> but see this is the thing. i saw it with a group of people. i have to say guys, everybody was doubled over in their chairs. >> except they were all 16. >> no, no. they were 20-something and 30-something. no, they were 20-something and 30-something. i'm being very serious. they were all doubled over. men and women. all women wanted to see it again and they wanted to come back and bring their boyfriends or their husbands and i thought that was a nice tribute to you both. >> did you like the comedy? >> i did actually. it was a lot of fun. it was one of the first movies where you can see we actually enjoyed doing it through the film. we're the greatest friends now and when -- >> seriously. >> i believe that. >> when you laugh you can tell me it's me really laughing. >> we really became friends. >> because of the movie. >> yeah.
8:44 am
every movie should have a great discovery in it. not saying this because i love the guy and i'm in the movie or whatever, but i think channing really walks away with the movie because it's a surprise. you're not used to seeing him do something. >> i don't know. you do okay. i thought it was equally balanced. >> when you see someone do something they've never done it's wonderful because you get a surprise out of this. >> i'm not going to say how the movie ends but, charlie, they both die. no, no they don't. >> don't worry, gayle. >> a lot has happened to you. number one, last time you were here, channing you were here to promote "the vow." didn't that covery well. opening weekend, charlie they did 40-something million dollars. 41 or something. >> 41 or something. no, we're actually the first movie of the year to pass $100 million.
8:45 am
it's pretty huge. for it to be a little movie coming paired to others that's something. >> we know what jonah's been doing. he went to the oscars. >> he took his mother. >> i took my mom. she tried to leave me for christopher plummer, but he already had a date. >> your first oscars, jonah. tell me what that was like. think that's a very cool thing 206789. to be a nominee, what was that like sharing that with your mom. that was so nice that you took her. >> it was incredible. to get nominated and to be something i can share with my mom who put in a lot of years when it wasn't that fun probably to be my mom, she now gets to enjoy the good years when maybe it's a little more fun, but it was a beautiful experience you know, to get to share that with her. she'll have that forever, you know to have that memory of being there. >> did you have to make him an executive producer in order to get him to come? >> we didn't have to.
8:46 am
we wanted to. none of us has made an action before and channing had made a lot of them. that's what we wanted. >> i promise you, this is the most -- i think it might be the most fun movie i've ever made. >> i con kurks and i'm thinking viewing audience if you want to do something fun, jonah hill and channing tatum. "21 jump street" opens next friday. that's a tip. it's good tip, too, i think. america's favorite cookie is 100 years old today. we have everything there is to know about the oreo. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
8:48 am
what's black and white and
8:49 am
100 years old? the first oreo cookie was sold on this day in 1912 just across the river from us over in hoboken, new jersey. kraft sells 7 million of them every single day. to celebrate we asked an expert just what make this three-layer treat still one of a kind. >> the nabisco logo looks like a tv antenna. >> reporter: paul goldberger is the an architect. an admirer of the most famous sandwich cookie. since its100 years ago the oreo is known both for its taste and iconic design. >> how does it stack up against other sandwich cookies? >> i think it's actually in a way the most complicated of sandwich cookies because it's
8:50 am
got that amazing surface. it's got these ridges going all the way around the etch which create a wonderful texture as well as game a frame-- give a frame for it. >> does that make it easier to grip? >> if it looked different, i bet people would start saying it tasted different even if it didn't. >> reporter: what about the cookie's erstwhile competitor, the the hydrox. they think they overits uccessful part to its unique name. >> there's something about the "o"s. >> hydrox sounds like a cleaning solution. >> it does. that's actually one of the kinder things you can say it sounds like. >> reporter: symmetry in name
8:51 am
and shape. >> most cookies can sa clear top and bottom. i think of a chocolate chip cookie that often has a slight arc to it and the bottom is flat and the top is not. but the oreo's the same thing on the thom and the bottom. the whole thing kind of floats in the air. >> there's something sort of hovering about it. >> yeah, it absolutely hovers, yeah, yeah. flying saucers do hover. >> how do you feel about double-stuffed oreos? >> well, as a purist i don't like double stuffed oreos because they violate the original design. as an eater, however, i like them a lot actually. i think that i taste really good. >> reporter: do you have an opinion of the nutter butter? >> no. i can't even remember the nutter butter. >> it's shaped like a peanut. >> oh, right, right. >> it's sandwich cookie. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. you'll have to go find a nutter butter expert. >> reporter: perhaps the most important question of all --
8:52 am
dwlou eat an oreo? >> i bite into it when i eat it. i do not believe in taking it apart, no. think some people do. i think that's a december creation. >> you can't be like king solomon, you cannot split the oreo. >> not successfully, no. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," mo raqa, new york. >> the other question is do you dunk your oreo in milk. >> never. >> you do though. >> i do. >> yes? >> yes. a good cookie deserves a good glass of milk. >> you know what this says to me, there's a place for something that look good sounds good and tastes good. i remember when i was going through a rough patch, i ate a whole sleeve of oreos. i'm proud to say those days are over. >> and you felt better. >> no i didn't. but those days are over. >> so is our comment about oreo.
8:53 am
>> we have one last comment. a thanks to our friends the at sunday morning. >> that does it
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning everyone. it's now 8:55. >> well, let's take a look at that time forecast. 48 is going to be the hematoma it's going to be a seasonal afternoon. it's going to be sunny. not going to be a lot of winds. 48 is not going to be that uncomfortable. given how high the sun is right now. 29, moonless sky tonight. warm it up to 63 tomorrow. take it to on thursday. low 60s friday. even with a cool front moving through the area friday into saturday. temperatures back to 50s, but above normal, sunny and calm through the weekend. >> thank you. a 13-year-old girl is found dead in an alley and now two young boys are charged in connection with her death. we have the latest. >> reporter: good morning. those boys ages 12 and 13 face
8:56 am
involuntary manslaughter charges, but the family has questions. she went to roller skate night with her friends, but she never came home. police say she was found shot to death under a pile of trash. detectives say they were inside a home playing with a rifle when it went off. she was shot in the chest and police say the two boys dragged her body into the alley to hide it. but her family says she was terrified of guns and can't imagine what she was doing around one. police are still investigating who owns it. and how the kids got ahold of it. both boys are charged as juveniles and the owner could face charges. back to you. also in baltimore, city police are investigating a homicide in west baltimore this morning. it happened last night right next to the robin recreation center. one man was killed and another is in critical condition. the names of the men have not been released.
8:57 am
family and friends are remembering a young girl allegedly beaten to death by her own father. the funeral will be held at the funeral home. police say her father, a 22- year-old killed her after she had a bathroom accident. a deadly car crash in northeast baltimore shut down a road yesterday. a car and suv collided head-on, causing the car to flip over several times. the driver of the car was killed and two other people were take on the the hospital. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and the right to bear arms is causing controversy here in maryland. a judge declared that maryland's hand gun permit law is unconstitutional. it forces gun owners to prove that they have a reason to carry a weapon. the attorney general says that he will appeal the decision. there's a new coin to add to the collection to celebrate the 2 unth anniversary of the star spangled better. the u.s. mint is selling the coins available through mid- december. they depict the battle of baltimore during the war of
8:58 am
1812. a big celebration coming this summer. be sure to stay with wjz, complete news and first warning weather today at noon.
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